Laverne Stewart



Best-selling author Laverne Stewart (Angels and the Afterlife; Healing After Homicide, Haunted Heart) offers a gripping new read with Coven of the Soul Sisters. Her novel chronicles the plight of those accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death in 1690s New England. Then, this intriguing novel catapults forward into current times where reincarnated victims and persecutors of the past find themselves again grappling with religious beliefs and zealots inflicting suffering on non-believers – and witchcraft to some remains an unforgivable sin punishable by death.


“Eloquent, well written and researched… Stewart draws you in and holds you captive. As you turn the pages you cannot help but hold your breath knowing what may lie ahead. The fictionalized account of one of the darker periods in American history seems more real than dramatized. A stunning achievement. “

- Tracy Riva, Midwest Book Review


“… Coven of the Soul Sisters … was almost a memory of sorts. This could have been one of my past lives. Laverne weaves a story that brings emotions to the surface and makes you feel that you are one of the characters. You just need to keep reading to see what will happen next.”  - Patti LeBlanc, Spiritual intuitive.

“Being of Irish decent and living in Atlantic Canada, I dove into Coven of the Soul Sisters with anticipation of reading a story about my people from afar and the First Nations communities that welcomed us to this beautiful land. Author, Laverne Stewart was clever to keep me wondering the country origin of the Celtic couple that boarded the ship, in the 1600’s, as they fled witch hunts to find peace with relatives in the New England states of America. Curiosity taunted me to the end. We all have our own way to savour a good read. Mine is to never to turn back a page. I believe my first take on my first read is what I need!

-  Julia Bannister, Director, Ceili Kids of Canada,
English Major, Social Worker, Irish Dance Teacher



About the Author of Coven of the Soul Sisters:



Laverne Stewart, best-selling author of non-fiction titles Angels and the Afterlife, and Healing After Homicide, first turned her hand to fiction with Haunted Heart, an historical romance novel set in past and present periods in her hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick. With Coven, she further explores the realm of fiction and the supernatural. The critically acclaimed author is also a former award-winning career journalist of 30 years, with major newspapers, radio and CTV television.


Title: Coven of the Soul Sisters  / Laverne Stewart  

Softcover ISBN 978-1-988058-36-8  / $19.95 CDN

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-988058-37-5 / $39.95 CDN

Manor House  /  Rights Agent:  Nigel Yorwerth

Release:  Oct. 15 / 2018  Stats: 288 pages, 6x9”

Fiction: Novel  / Historical Romance / witchcraft

World: Ingram

Marketing: Book trailer and book, signings, events TV-radio-print media interviews in works, author has large following: Prior book, Angels & The Afterlife, in 2010 was top bestseller in Atlantic Canada, June-October 2010 – and Healing After Homicide sold over 1,000 copies within days of its 2017 release.  


Book Launch Event: TBA (likely Fredericton and signings to follow in other centers, such as Toronto)