Mastering Mindful Leadership

105 Ways to Become the Leader Your Employees need You to Be


Johnny Russo


Mastering Mindful Leadership will help you take your leadership expertise to a whole new level – leading to more motivated employees and increased business success and profitability. Author Johnny Russo is at the forefront of the new age of enlightened leaders, who propel empowered loyal employees to achieve ever greater degrees of value, truly becoming a key catalyst for a company's success. Russo has managed countless teams during a career harnessing the concept of mindful leadership to the success of the people he's been privileged to lead at an array of successful companies


“Russo shares his considerable expertise in this breakthrough book, presenting key advice in 105 clear, short, easy-to-follow nuggets of wisdom that are pure gold for any leader striving for greater short term and long term success. This is the book you need to truly master mindful leadership and catapult yourself, your employees and everyone you come in contact with toward new and greater degrees of sustainable prosperity.”

- Michael B. Davie, author, Winning Ways, and, Great Advice! Your 7 Keys to a Better Life



Title: Mastering Mindful Leadership / Johnny Russo
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Non-Fiction: Business / Leadership / Self Help
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From the Author: I wrote this book because I have been motivated to be the leader I am by some great leaders who showed me what it is to be a great human being, and what it means to care for your people.


I’ve also benefited from some great team members and colleagues, and some amazing authors whose words inspired me to lead in a better way, to help make people better, and not just focus on profits.


Profits are hugely important, but they can’t be our only driving motivator.


We shouldn’t prioritize profits over people; we should prioritize people and profits, with purpose. It’s the only way forward.


I wish you luck on your leadership journey. My main advice is to keep learning, listening, caring, and empowering.

- Johnny Russo