Love Letters to Water

An Anthology


Edited by Claudiu Murgan


Title: Love Letters to Water / Claudiu Murgan
Softcover ISBN 9781988058887 $19.95 US / $24.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 9781988058894 $39.95 US / $53.99 CDN
Non-Fiction: Anthology re importance of water
Specs: 158 pages, 5.5x8.5" Available now to order
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“Water scarcity is a known issue for billions of people around the world and the latest research predicts this crisis will only get worse... Since the creation of earth, water and crystals have weaved their paths into a billion-year-long tapestry that has captured the cycles of nature’s evolution. It has observed the appearance of humans and their troubled, but fascinating development, and the energies and vibrations of everything that is part of this amazing eco-system.


Love Letters to Water, anthology strives to bring forward various points of view and enhance the importance of how we behave vis-à-vis water – and this is further explored in the Foreword by Dr. Gerald Pollack.


All in all, Love Letters to Water, anthology gathers a plethora of contributors from shamans to energy healers, from scientists to economists, all showing how significant of a role water plays in their life, spiritual journey, and professional development.


The global importance of water to human life cannot be overstated and it is my hope that you, the reader, will gain further insight into this essential life force via the shared thoughts of our impressive list of expert writers from around the world.” - CM


Praise for Love Letters to Water:


“I visit Love Letters to Water as a sanctuary. Dipping into its well of wisdom is a long drink and I am deeply nourished and soothed. Water is gentle and strong and inspires me to flow in a natural, life-supporting rhythm. Thank you Claudiu Murgan and all the water worshipers you brought together honoring and celebrating the essence of life…”

- Celeste Yacoboni editor of How Do You Pray?