Escape from the Asylum

A Novel


Jordan Grupe


Detective Franklin Reynard awakes one morning to find his partner missing and a murderer is on the loose. The suspect is an escaped mental patient with a violent history, who has vanished, taking a young boy with her as a hostage. As the mystery deepens, Reynard is drawn into a terrifying labyrinth of darkness beneath the local asylum. Something tells him the answer he seeks lies beneath the infamous 150-year-old mental hospital, but he'll need help to uncover the answers…


Praise for Escape from the Asylum:


"Jordan Grupe once again drags readers into a vivid nightmare where there is no way out with his second novel, Escape from the Asylum. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in a haunted mental asylum--first of all, what is wrong with you?--and second, Grupe's got the answer. Escape will have you hiding under the covers with a flashlight too scared to keep reading but even more afraid to stop. Don't sleep on this book because, after reading it, you might never sleep again."

 -Travis Brown, author, House with 100 Doors




Title: Escape from the Asylum / Jordan Grupe
Softcover ISBN 9781988058863 $19.95 US / $24.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 9781988058870 $39.95 US / $45.95 CDN
Non-Fiction: Novel / Horror / Occult / Supernatural
Specs: 192 pages, 5.5x8.5" Available now to order
Available via Ingram / Gazelle / other distributors

 "Jordan Grupe is a master horror teller firing on all cylinders."

- Marcus Starr, Author, Nora's Curse



"From Jordan Grupe, author of the dark masterpiece Beneath the Asylum, comes his equally disturbing sequel Escape from the Asylum in which the destroyed mental institution “springs up like a poisonous mushroom,” restoring its sinister presence just as all memories – even news stories – of its prior existence are erased. It’s an insane, twisted trip down memory lane no one in their right mind would ever willingly take. This time, the dangers are more intense, the implications more macabre and the return visit more gut-wrenching – is there any way of stopping this horrifying history from repeating itself with even more tragic results?”

- Michael B, Davie, author, The Late Man


"Jordan Grupe weaves magic with his horror, building a world of nightmares that steals your attention and refuses to let go. Escape from the Asylum is more than just a good read - it's an unforgettable one."

- Jason Martin, author, Crooked Antlers