Kaayla Vedder, author, Naked & Awake

Kaayla works remotely with most of her clients and from that auspicious insight; she developed the phrase “Kripa Quantum Healing.”  She is an accelerated quantum healer and freedom leader who uses the Kripa technique for integrated results.

She works with people to end their suffering. These tend to be people who know there is more to life and who don't know how to get what they seek, although they have tried many avenues for relief. Kaayla bridges people to their higher levels, guiding and assisting them to release the entanglements and beliefs of life times. She assists in shifting the frequency people are vibrating out and removes entities that can be the cause of anxiety, stress illness, injuries and more.

She is a witness to the dance of divine grace. When she assists her clients to experience big shifts, beautiful things begin to happen. Physical bodies begin to flow as everything starts working together to generate 100% infinite potential or better. Life times of soul memory or cell memory begin to unravel, old limiting beliefs and contracts completely dissolve, and activations and downloads begin to happen as, with Kaayla’s guidance, her clients remember the powerful creators they truly are. 

Kaayla has been a healer for many years and in her investigation and experience of many of the world’s leading healing modalities she realized that her process is unique and difficult to define. Sitting at her computer one day, having another go at the issue of capturing in words what she does for her clients, the word “Kripa” suddenly popped into her awareness. Never having heard of the word, she researched it and discovered that it’s about being released from the karmic journey and disentangling from prior lifetimes to embrace the fullness of what is available.

 “... I’ve realized who I am; I am a seer and energy conduit and a guide for pe


ople to remember who they really are, and live out their purpose. I know that I am here to assist people who know they too have a purpose, but they don’t know how to get past the stuff that stops them... and they’ve tried. I am inspired to use what I have learned and the abilities I was given to help others to thrive instead of just survive. So, read this book, embrace who you are... Release your fear, release your anxiety and let this book help you come home to who you truly are. Namaste,” – Kaayla Vedder