Rosa Harris, author, Boomerville

Writer and editor Rosa Harris is a two-time Canadian National Magazine Award winner., who has penned stories for many major North American publications on topics ranging from baby food to global economics.

Rosa was editor of Ottawa City magazine for nearly a decade. As well, she has served as a judge for both the National Magazine Awards and the National Newspaper Awards in Canada, has been a newspaper columnist for The Ottawa Citizen and The Victoria Times Colonist, has taught journalism at four universities and occasionally serves as a talk show host. Rosa resides, happily, in Victoria, BC.

Boomerville is her first published book.


Rosa Harris has assembled a series of very thought-provoking apercus of her times and generation. They are all from different angles and none is ponderous or over-long. The result is a very pleasing, very easy, and often poignant, read.”Conrad Black


I’ve known Rosa Harris for 25 years, starting when she worked at a city magazine in Montreal. It was in the final few months before Generation X was published and there was no awareness in the culture that something, anything, might want to cleave away from the baby boomer’s stranglehold on all things generational… She’s one of the few boomers who is fully aware of just how annoying and self-absorbed her generation really is… fully aware of the historical forces that had to align to create the most… narcissistic birth cohort in the history of our planet, yet she can really tap into this awareness to create something sensitive and smile-inducing. I think you’ll enjoy this book.”

 – Douglas Coupland, author, Generation X


“Rosa Harris, renowned national award-winning journalist, editor, talk show host and journalism professor, has crafted a collection of insightful, humorous and touching essays on the baby boomer generation that will leave you smiling, laughing and reminiscing on the times of your life. Baby boomers will see themselves in many of Rosa’s musings on the most amazing generation ever!”


Michael B Davie, author Poetry for the Insane