Barb Stuhlemmer, author, Entrepreneur Awakening:

As a Speaker, Author, TV Show Host, College Instructor, and Chair of the Advisory board for The School of Entrepreneurship, Barb Stuhlemmer is a Master Business Strategist who works to strengthen the courage of 6-figure business owners to take extraordinary action.

 Barb Stuhlemmer elevates the belief system of successful entrepreneurs to ensure they reach their biggest goals that will change their life and often the world.

 She has been in the medical device and software industries for over 20 years. She has worked in small business most of her life and now she owns two businesses of her own.

 Barb Stuhlemmer notes: “We all deserve to experience the creativity of envisioning a business and seeing that business successfully implemented and profitable."

 Entrepreneur Awakening is Barb Stuhlemmer’s first published book and is already drawing widespread interest from those seeking expert entrepreneurial advice.

 She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



“Awakening is an opening up to an understanding that was once unknown. It really refers to change. Accepting the change from employee to business owner is your first step in an entrepreneurial awakening. As I became more awake, the rate of change in my understanding increased. There is no cap on knowledge. Although I have come a long way from those first days of business ownership I can see there is much I have yet to experience, and I accept that there are things I do not know that I do not know.”  - Barb Stuhlemmer


“Barb Stuhlemmer's Entrepreneurial Awakening is the guide book every entrepreneur should have.  Barb states that being an entrepreneur is the brave choice, and with the steps, strategies and tools featured in this book, the road to happiness and success is achievable.” 

- Charmaine Hammond – five-time bestselling author, speaker, Co-founder of Raise a Dream, President of Hammond International Inc.


“It’s about focus, targeting what's important in the now, and building for a brilliant future. I liken the decision to veer from employee to entrepreneur to moving from the passenger seat, simply along for the ride, to taking control of the wheel and making decisions on where you're going, and what you'll see. It's about chasing your passion instead of simply earning a pay cheque. You need to get this book.”

- Brian Trainor, retired Police Sgt, Cyberbully Prevention expert, Elder Fraud Prevention expert


“Life is short so you need to love what you do…  This ‘Runway of Life’ we’re on has a beginning, a middle and an end – how we live it is totally up to us. Are you excited? Passionate? Turned on by your business? Entrepreneur Awakening is perfect for your runway of life. I recommend you read it and apply the philosophy to your business and  life. You might fall in love all over again.“


- Dr. Peter Legge, O.B.C., CSP, CPAE, HoF  Chairman/CEO/Publisher, Canada Wide Media