Scott Hall

Scott Hall is a Canadian lawyer who has worked with over 1,000 victims of childhood sexual abuse.

During the past 15 years, Scott has been one of the few lawyers in the world to devote his practice almost exclusively to helping survivors of sexual abuse by obtaining appropriate counselling for them, talking through the details of the abuse - which are usually closely-held personal secrets - and helping these survivors along their path to healing.

Where appropriate, Scott consults with his clients about the benefits of bringing an action against the paedophiles who did the sexual abuse to the children. This often helps provide more healing, as the survivor takes back personal power which the paedophile had taken away.

Scott is dedicated to his work, to helping the one-in-five North Americans who have been victims of sexual abuse, to sharing what he has learned with others and to helping rape-proof children so as to lessen the likelihood that children in the future will be victims of sexual abuse.