Christine McDowell

From the 1985 to 1995, Christine McDowell was a West Island Realtor in Montreal, Quebec and her sales performance ranked her within the top 5% of all realtors in the province. But something was missing. In 1995 Christine chose to leave her six-figure real estate income behind and begin the search for true happiness.

Along the way she earned a Doctoral in Clinical Hypnosis and certification as a Practitioner of both NLP and Time Line Therapy™. In 1998, Christine opened a private practice as a Life Skill/Style Coach. In her private practice, she helped hundreds of people identify and achieve their goals, overcome stress and begin the process of reconnecting with their true identity.

In 2006, Christine returned to Real Estate, a people business she’s long loved and the transition was made easy because of her extensive training and knowledge in the personal development area. As Christine well knows, selling a home is very emotional. With her expertise on so many levels, her clients quickly discover that they’ve hired more than a Realtor.

Christine knows from first-hand experience how challenging life can be for people. She also knows how to turn those challenges into results that work wonders. This experience and expertise ultimately resulted in the writing of her breakthrough book, “You’re Not Broken.”