Michael J. Schweitzer

Michael J. Schweitzer is a skilled story-teller who has long been enamoured with the fantasy novel genre.
In writing The Curse of Garnel Ironheart, the Hamilton author has drawn on his love of the imagination-driven Dungeons and Dragons game to create a unique fantasy world populated by fascinating, multi-dimentional people as much on a journey of self-discovery as they are on a quest to save the world.

His interest in fantasy includes the dream of seeing the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup in his lifetime. He also enjoys watching the original Star Trek television series and Star Trek movies.
The author resides in the old City of Hamilton with his lovely wife, Adalia, who also has been a creative streak and is a gifted illustrator.

 Born and raised in London, Ontario, Michael J. Schweitzer, 34, attended A.B. Lucas Secondary School for grades 9 - 10. He took Grade 11 at Kibbutz Beit Hashita in Isreal, and resumed grades 12 - 13 at Lucas. After graduating high school, he did undergradstudies in the University of Western Ontario where he earned a B. Sc. in Biology with a major in Genetics.
Schweitzer attended medical school at the University of Toronto where he earned his MD designation in 1995. He then did family medicine residency at McMaster University in Hamilton and on completion in 1997, began his ongoing involvement in practising family medicine in Stoney Creek while also providing emergency care at various locations throughout Southern Ontario