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- Dini Petty, Television/radio talk show host

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240pg 2015

Boomerville / Rosa Harris

Rosa Harris has assembled a series of very thought-provoking apercus of her times and generation. They are all from different angles and none is ponderous or over-long. The result is a very pleasing, very easy, and often poignant, read.” – Conrad Black

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Inside The Witches' Coven

Inside The Witches' Coven / Michael B. Davie

A true investigative work by Michael B. Davie.

The chill from a cold hardwood floor is making its way up through the soles of my bare feet as I join a coven of witches to practice witchcraft ceremonies intended to call forth ancient gods.

All of us are clad only in hooded robes. The room is dark save for the persistent flickering of a small candle. An eerie silence fills the room as I reflect for a moment on how I came to visit this remarkable coven

“Nevin Grant, avid record collector and musician, left law school in the 1960s to pursue a career in radio – and became part of music history, leading one of the nation’s most influential stations to become an acclaimed hit-maker on Top 40 CKOC radio. Growing up with the Hits! offers his insightful recollections on the music, times, books, movies, fads, fashions and pop culture icons of 1955-1989 – a must read!”
– Michael Davie, author, Winning Ways

Yours, Mine & Ours

Yours, Mine & Ours / George Glass and Donna Glass

By George Glass and Donna Glass. This book is the result of our efforts to understand, chronicle and then explain the experiences we had in putting together a family that began as diverse people from different backgrounds...Divorce does not bring out the best in people, and the effect on the children is long-lasting. There is no reason though why you and they can not become involved in a process to help repair some of that damage. Developing a working blended family is one way to help that process happen. This book is neither a cookbook nor a do-it-yourself manual of step-by-step instructions on what should or should not be done. Hopefully though, you will get some new ideas, realise the consequences of different behaviours that you may have tried, and know that many other people have made even worse mistakes, but been able to work things out.


 Less Law, More Order

 Less Law, More Order / Irvin Waller

Irvin Waller describes how media coverage of political icons like Mayor Giuliani leave the impression that violence is reduced by increasing numbers of police and incarcerating more poor, black and Hispanic young American males. Yet the facts show that most of the escalation in prisoners from half a million on an average day in 1970 to 2.2 million today was not in the interests of taxpayers or victims - only 25% of the retreat from the peaks in violence in 1990 can be assigned to the 400% increase in incarceration.

Unforgivable Sins

Unforgivable Sins / Scott Hall

The major purpose of the book is to help rape-proof children to help prevent sexual abuse from today forward. All mothers and fathers should be aware of the advice on how to keep their children safe from pedophiles.

You're Not Broken

You're Not Broken - Christine McDowell

From author -  Christine McDowell: "At some point we need to let go of what we thought was strong enough to support us and find the power to stay afloat on our own…  My hopes are that this book will help you achieve your goal of swimming safely on your own strengths so you never give up on your spirit, your life and yourself. Maybe my journey and my insights can give you the perspective you need to stop thrashing and start living… This is about what I have learned and the wisdom I have drawn from it..."

Perfect Prey

Perfect Prey / Liz Cole

From CTV's W-Five, the team that confronted and exposed author Liz Cole’s online predator on national television:
Online predators are a growing concern in today’s Internet Age. The media has featured numerous stories on adults, teens and children being taken in by cyber sharks, online fraud artists and sex offenders.

Touch The Whale

Touch The Whale / Heidi Cowie

Join stress management expert Heidi Cowie as she shines a glowing light on the bumpy path to a brilliant and fearless life in her newest release, Touch the Whale. The book is an inspiring and often hilarious collection of stories about the adventures and mishaps that helped Heidi become more courageous and resilient. Her gentle lessons and ironic insights are delivered with compassion, honesty and the sure knowledge that change is possible for each of us.

Willing Big

Winning Big / Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell's first book, Willing Big, is the candid and thought-provoking story of Carol Shaffer's rise form the impoverished beginnings and child abuse to become the foremost winner of Contests in America.
Shaffer has won literally hundreds of if not thousands of prizes, amounting to many hundreds of thousands in value.


The Songwriters' Voice

The Songwriters' Voice / Jane Eamon

Author Jane Eamon: "In all my years of being a songwriter, I have spent countless hours drawing other folks into the circle, getting them to open up and look at their own journeys, teaching them the value of letting others in, of allowing feedback and constructive criticism to help them grow….  without the interaction of outsiders, we would never experience chaos.

Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat / Jimmy Allen

Jimmy Allen is a natural story teller in the no nonsense style of Mickey Spillane. Bestselling author Peter C. Newman lauds his writing as “visceral and riveting.” From the moment you begin reading this autobiography you’re immediately captivated by Allen’s earthy and blunt writing style. His gift for taking you to the scene to live through the horror is evident throughout. This is autobiographical writing at its finest. Allen relates gut-wrenching moments with clarity and unprecedented realism – this is the first time a firefighter’s autobiography has ever been done in such gripping detail. Extreme Heat: A Firefighter’s Life takes you into the jaws of hell and back, a masterful telling of tragedy and triumph.

Many Prophets, One Wisdom

Many Prophets, One Wisdom / Phil Thompson

Many Prophets, One Wisdom by Phil Thompson is truly a book whose time has come. It could not possibly be any more needed and timely.  This is the way to move forward to the next level of tolerance and understanding, the way to advance the globalization of human values… via the teachings of some of our greatest prophets”


Failsafe / Ian Prattis

Author Dr. Ian Prattis asks just what have we done with the garden bequeathed to us? From outer space our beautiful blue planet has no divisions, pandemics or degradation. On the ground - the same blue planet is torn asunder by violence, greed and reckless disregard for planetary care. Can we fix the planet? That is the wrong question...

The Unforgiving Tides

The Unforgiving Tides / Dr. Ross Pennie

A compelling story that goes straight to the heart. A born storyteller, Dr Ross Pennie deftly transports the reader to South Pacific where the young doctor receives a harsh initiation into the world of medicine.

In Dreams

In Dreams / Elizabeth Grandbois

Elizabeth Grandbois is terminally ill with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Her fragile health has caused her to reflect on her life with a sense of immediacy that lends a vibrant tension to her prose and poetry.

Following The Great Spirit

Following The Great Spirit / Michael Davie

Michael B. Davie examines some of the cultural values and spiritual mindset of North American Indians and other aboriginal peoples in crisis situations and times of great change.

Caught in Time

Caught in Time / Jane Eamon

Jane Eamon, award-winning singer-songwriter-storyteller, has long captivated audiences with heartfelt songs exploring the frailties of human experience. Caught in Time is a superb collection of song lyrics - some from her CD album of the same name, others from upcoming releases - along with revealing and thought-provoking selected poems.

 Swords at Sunset

 Swords at Sunset / Michael Bradley

Swords at Sunset is the final book in Michael Bradley's bestselling trilogy on Holy Grail adventures in North America from 1398 to 1571, completing the saga related to the Holy Grail Across The Atlantic and Grail Knights of North America.

Poor Little Bitch Girl

Poor Little Bitch Girl / CJ Sleez

CJ Sleez: Poor Little Bitch Girl is raw, unappologetic, recounting of pain, loss and hard times. Don't look for any sugar-coating or smoothing over of difficult moments. CJ's memoirs are as hard and rough as they come..