Party Like A Mock Star!

Have a Booze-free blast with no-regrets Mocktails! 

Zoe Robinette

 “This is not a typical self-help book. This is a freaking virtual women’s chat session… This guide will show you how to take part in the dozens of events on your social calendar spiked with libations and entertainment and go home completely sober for a change… learn to mock your way through life with class, and self-confidence. A Mock Star is born!” - Zoe Robinette, author, Party Like A Mockstar!



Title: Party Like A Mock Star  by Zoe Robinette

Softcover ISBN 978-1-988058-17-7
Softcover SRP:
$19.95 US / $24.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-988058-18-4
Hardcover SRP:  
$39.95 USD / $49.95 CDN
Release:  Sept. 15 / 2017  (192 pages)
Rights: Nigel Yorwerth, Yorwerth Associates
Publisher/Imprint: Manor House Publishing
Non-Fiction: Self-help, advice, alcohol-free drinks
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Canada: Fitzhenry & Whiteside World: Ingram

"Far too many of us are prone to having one drink too many - and then enduring morning-after regrets over our embarrassing behavior - Party Like A Mock Star! puts you back in the driver's seat in a sober fashion thanks to alcohol-free no-regrets 'mocktails'. Tired of having to explain your regrettable behavior after a night partying? This book is for you! Party Like A Mock Star is filled with great advice, terrific Mocktail recipes and lists of prime venues in the US, Canada and Europe offering tasty alcohol-free drinks. The book also shares some of Robinette's adventures with such stars as Cheech and Chong, ZZ Top rocker Billy Gibbons, actors Martin Sheen and Jacqueline Bisset and more."- Michael B. Davie, author,



“… What I finally had to do to save my sanity and my social grace, was to perfect the art of pretending to drink alcohol, while not taking a sip of the amazing brain altering nectar. I used these mocking techniques while out with associates, and friends at various venues and functions without just settling for the cola in the soft drink glass. Yes, the art of mocking has been tested and proven.”  - Author Zoe Robinette



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