BushWhacked / Michael Davie

“Those who are not with us are with the terrorists.”
- Former U.S. President George W. Bush

“When it comes to free trade, U.S. President George Bush is two-faced, unwilling to exert the type of focused consistent political leadership he has demonstrated in the war against terrorism… If a foreign nation pursued the Janus-faced trade policies coming out of his administration, George W. Bush would yell foul.”
- Avrum D. Lank, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

 Quebec and Section 33

Quebec and Section 33 / Michael Davie

The threat of Quebec separation, that province's sign law violation of the human right of freedom of expression, and a decentralization trend that has weakened our federal government...

Political Losers

Political Losers / Michael Davie

Author Michael B. Davie writes how defeat can hold valuable lessons on how to survive.

Chief among these lessons is the time-tested adage: Find out what went wrong - and don't let it happen again. Learning from these lessons can turn the losers of yesterday into the winners of today and tomorrow.

 Gold Medal Misfits

 Gold Medal Misfits / Pat MacAdam

For sports fans everywhere! The untold story of a team cobbled together at the last minute that was so severely trounced in an exhibition match that many Canadians were against sending them to the Olympics for fear of embarrassment. With little financial support, the team stayed in fleabag hotels and were widely ridiculed -- until they hit Olympic ice and made hockey history.


Deeper / Cliff Jackman

“Nothing is what it seems in these intriguing short stories exploring plausible dark scenarios in gripping detail … Cliff Jackman expertly pulls the reader into nightmare worlds blending the banal with the truly terrifying… easily one of the best collections of short stories I’ve ever read … ” - Michael B Davie, author, The Late Man

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams / Amanda Hyde

Amanda Hyde's Broken Dreams carries a powerful message that is certain to resonate in a very meaningful way with a whole generation.

Take a Hike

Take a Hike / Fay Beck-Ryall

While you are pondering over which path to take, you find yourself wrestling with the steering wheel, while spinning your tires trying to get back onto the familiar road you have traveled all your life.


Shroomville / Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis' Shroomville had been a happy little village, tucked away deep in a vast boreal forest whose bristling green canopy stretched beyond forever… Oh, one little detail makes this village stand out. You see, these villagers are tiny… about as tall as a typical adult’s size-nine shoe. And they live peacefully and happily in mushroom houses.

Distant  Voices

Distant  Voices / Michael Davie

coming soon

News & Features Volume 2

News & Features Volume 2 / Michael Davie

As with the first volume of this remarkable series, award-winning writer Michael B. Davie shares with readers some of the outstanding news and feature articles he's created during a professional journalism career spanning decades.

Why Everybody Hates Toronto

Why Everybody Hates Toronto / Michael Davie

From author Michael B. Davie initial goal was modest enough: I intended to write a somewhat superficial, irreverent, tongue-in-cheek book taking a few playful jabs at the city where I work as an editor and writer with The Toronto Star.

News & Features

News & Features / Michael Davie

The Crafting of great news and feature articles is truly an under-appreciated art. Veteran award-winning journalist Michael B. Davie is a master of this art-form, seemingly effortlessly creating stories that are at once compelling, engaging, thought-provoking, well-written and well-researched.

Canada Decentralized

Canada Decentralized / Michael Davie

Outnumbered 10 to one by provincial governments, federal government after federal government has tried to make peace with the provinces, often by ceding various federal powers to them.

Join Michael B. Davie as he explores the answer to the critical question: can our nation survive?