We are very selective in our choices and will only normally only reply if your work is of interest. We no longer accept mailed hard copy submissions and will discard these rather than return them. Key guidelines include:


Email your combined inquiry and submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Include in the body of your email, your name, citizenship, address and other contact information. Also include a summary/synopsis of your manuscript and outline what you see as the market, sales potential and sources of sales for this book – including any sales outside of bookstores. And describe what you will do to support your book through marketing and promotional initiatives.


Attach to your email a Word document containing the first 1-3 chapters in Times New Roman 12 point single-spaced type. Also attach an author bio disclosing that you’re a first-time author or listing any other books you may have had published.


If this is a Business book or non-fiction work requiring writing, rewriting and/or editing services, please advise and, if interested, we’ll discuss fees for such services. Please also advise if you are prepared to financially support your book by securing advance purchase orders prior to publication or via on-line resale initiatives or via third party purchases (such as clubs, organizations or institutions). This can also include author purchases to support website sales or speaking tours. All of this provides information re market demand/ sales potential.


Do not expect a reply unless we are interested. If so, we will then request the complete manuscript and enter into detailed discussions that may lead to contract

Thank you for thinking of Manor House – and best of luck with your submissions.