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Welcome to our 21st Anniversary / 2020  Catalogue. All titles are available for immediate order and include many great fiction and non-fiction new and recent releases, enduring favorites, stories for Children-Young Adults and more – all at low prices and good discounts 

Top featured titles include: 

Mid-Rift – breakthrough novel by psychotherapist-author Rebecca Rosenblat, weaves insightful commentary on personalities and insecurities into a funny, endearing storyline. Fans of Sex in the City will love this book! 

Shattered Earth – Approaching Extinction – by prolific, award-winning author Dr. Ian Prattis, examines the extent of damage to our planet – and what can still be done to save our world from complete destruction.  

Your Personal Marketing Playbook – by veteran marketing-guru authors Susan Crossman and Paula Hope, provides highly effective approaches and strategies to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum results! 

First Person Singular – by Ross Ulysses Munroe – a remarkable collection of truly intiguing short stories. 





Drawing growing attention: Journalist on Trial – the true story of Rodney D. Sieh, hit with a 5,000-year prison term for exposing government corruption – but freed after global journalist rights groups– including reporters from The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, Toronto Star and others – championed his cause.  

Plus, Connect with the Divine YouTanya Penny, bedridden, obese, and diagnosed with debilitating MS, decided to cease her medication and self-heal from within. Today, she’s a slender, energetic, inspiring self-help heath guru on a national tour of the US promoting her book filled with advice to achieve health and happiness. And more insightful non-fiction titles are yours via the best in Business books, self-help, biographies, etc. 

More great fiction also awaits via gripping novels by Ian Thomas (famed singer-songwriter of mega-hits – plus songs he wrote for America, Chicago, etc.); Laverne Stewart; Vince Fernandez; Cliff Jackman, Michael Bradley (Holy Grail expert-consultant for Da Vinci Code and National Treasure movies); and more.    


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A Novel


Rebecca Rosenblat 

Join Jillian Briggs and her offbeat friends as they try to reinvent themselves! You’ll love getting to know (L-R below): Jillian’s husband Jeremy, who treats sex like a medical procedure; Darla the mysterious lesbian lawyer; Alison the gorgeous accountant who’s sworn off sex; Darla’s ex Dan, who helps the girls decipher man-speak; Cyn, the free-spirited sex therapist; Randy the gay fashionista; and, Jillian herself, who enjoys stretching out with her friends’ support. This group will have you laughing at life, while drawing you deep into their secrets, insecurities and triumphs. For anyone who’s feared hitting an age milestone, this hilarious story will walk you through any situation, with more understanding than you’d get from your best friend or therapist! Up for some insightful fun? Here’s your invitation to join the party!



Title: Mid Rift – A novel
Author: Rebecca Rosenblat

Softcover ISBN 9781988058528 List: $14.95 US

Hardcover ISBN: 9781988058535 List: $34.95 US

Fiction: Novel  Publisher/Imprint: Manor House

Pages: 272 / 5x8” / Standard trade terms

US/Canada/UK/World: Ingram  

(Other distributors also source/supply/sell this title) 

About the Author: 


Rebecca Rosenblat, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and Couple’s Counselor, has hosted various TV and Radio shows, where she’s given over a thousand hours of guidance to millions of people worldwide.  

Rebecca is also the best-selling author of eight books – An Eastern Seduction; Smooth as Silk; Broken Promises; How to Drive Your Lover Wild with Pleasure; Seducing your Man – the honeymoon was just the beginning; Sexual Power, Overcoming betrayal; and now, Mid Rift. Rebecca lives in Toronto with her family, where she runs her private practice, is an associate at a clinic, and does various forms of teaching, transforming thousands of lives.  Her passion is to help people become the best they can be; and have the best relationships possible!



  • Wide general audience but with particular interest to Sex in the City fans and those who enjoy escaping with a great novel. 
 Sales / Marketing:
  • Book-signings, speaking engagements
  • Media interviews, special events
  • Workshops, conferences, book clubs
  • Catalogues, advertising, media releases, and more





The Art of Creating Social Capital On and Offline


Susan Crossman & Paula Hope


“I have read every author on the topic of referrals to build my expertise. This book is exceptional...I couldn't put it down! It is engaging and you can apply it to your business immediately.” - Victoria Trafton, Referral Expert


“The perfect recipe for personal marketing on steroids! A practical, real-life guide for building a powerful Referral Content Marketing Plan! Paula and Susan have crafted a masterpiece…” - Husam Jandal, Digital Rainmaker


“Paula Hope and Susan Crossman's new book brings together the pieces of a puzzle that eludes most people and it’s the answer you've been seeking.” - James Burchill, Bestselling Author, Coursepreneur™ & Producer   



Title: Your Personal Marketing Playbook
Authors: Susan Crossman & Paula Hope
Softcover ISBN 9781988058474 List: $14.95 US
Hardcover ISBN: 9781988058481 List: $34.95 US
Publisher/Imprint: Manor House

Non-Fiction: Business / Marketing

Pages: 220 / 5x8” / Standard trade terms

US/Canada/UK/World: Ingram  

(Other distributors also source/supply/sell this title)


About the Authors: 


Susan Crossman is an online marketing consultant, who helps her clients develop, manage, and leverage the web-related content they need to grow their business with clarity and authority. 


She has an extensive background as a professional writer and marketer, and she is tenaciously focused on helping her clients untangle the often overwhelming task of showing up more powerfully online and leveraging the internet’s vast possibilities for revenue generation. She’s also the best-selling author of Content Marketing Made Easy.


Paula Hope is a sought-after referral marketing consultant, coach, speaker and trainer who helps talented business professionals become happily booked solid through referrals. 


Paula has seen first-hand how powerful referrals can be in the corporate world and now, as a consultant focused on assisting professional service providers to exceptional success, she takes great delight in sharing her information with her clients. She is also the author of Stop The Saboteurs.



  • Wide general audience but with particular interest to business leaders interested in expanding their marketing expertise.

Sales / Marketing:
  • Book-signings, speaking engagements
  • Media interviews, special events




Approaching Extinction


Dr. Ian Prattis

"Each chapter is a shard of Broken Glass. Each one leads us closer to the revelation that we can make a difference in the Climate Crisis if we band together and act now.  - Windy Lynn Harris 

Claudiu Murgan, author: Ian Prattis’s previous books - Failsafe: Saving the Earth From Ourselves; New Planet New World, and Our World is Burning – should be part of our schools’ curriculum. Shattered Earth is no exception... abrasive message... the existing ecological balance is broken and only a sudden halt of destructive actions fuelled by greed and power can dim down the effects. A must-read for all who care about their legacy."

Title: Shattered Earth- Approaching Extinction

Author: Dr. Ian Prattis

Softcover ISBN 9781988058504 List: $14.95 US

Hardcover ISBN:9781988058511 List: $34.95 US

Non-Fiction: Climate Publisher: Manor House

Pages: 144 / 5x8” / Standard trade terms

US/Canada/UK/World: Ingram

Fiction: Novel  Publisher/Imprint: Manor House

(Other distributors also source/supply/sell this title) 

About the Author:

Poet, Global Traveler, Founder of Friends for Peace, Guru in India, Zen teacher and Spiritual Warrior for planetary care, peace and social justice, Dr. Ian Prattis presently lives in Ottawa, Canada and encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed. He mostly stays local to help turn the tide in his home city so that good things begin to happen spontaneously. Dr. Ian Prattis is Professor Emeritus at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He is an award winning author of seventeen books. Recent awards include Gold for Redemption at the 2015 Florida Book Festival, 2015 Quill Award from Focus on Women Magazine for Trailing Sky Six Feathers and Silver for Environment from the 2014 Living Now Literary Awards for Failsafe; Saving the Earth From Ourselves.

  • Wide general audience but with particular interest to those concerned about climate change and protecting the environment. 
Sales / Marketing:
  • Book-signings, speaking engagements
  • Media interviews, special events.
  • Conferences, book clubs
  • Catalogues, advertising, media releases, and more.





84 Very Short Stories of Wit & Wisdom


Ross Ulysses Munroe


There are the little events in life. And there are the significant events in life. Individually, they all seem to have their place. But what happens when we take them together as one? 


A unified picture begins to emerge, much like an impressionist painting, a mandala, a lenticular image, an autostereogram, yielding up an underlying theme that sews one's experiences into a deeper narrative, rendering a profile of the myths we are living out.  


It is the Rorschach analysis of our souls. And it has no name. 



Title: First Person Singular – A novel

Author: Ross Ulysses Munroe  

Softcover ISBN 9781988058542 List: $14.95 US

Hardcover ISBN: 9781988058559 List: $34.95 US

Fiction: Short Stories Publisher: Manor House

Pages: 144 / 5x8” / Standard trade terms

US/Canada/UK/World: Ingram

(Other distributors also source/supply/sell this title)

About the Author: 


Ross Ulysses Munroe is an award-winning creative talent, having served as Executive Editor and writer of a number of  periodicals with his wife Virginia, plus a children's book, various screenplays and short stories and more. 


He also produces and directs story-driven jazz videos and has received special recognition at the acclaimed NXNE Film Festival. Ross is known for his humor and incisive perspective on the human condition. 


Ross' latest work is showcased in his book First Person Singular, a collection of short stories, essays and insights certain to provoke and entertain. From the sordid to the sublime, Ross' writing is drawn from his personal experience, in a delightful and unconventional mix of irony and pathos.



  • Wide general audience but with particular interest to fans of odd but intriguing short stories of a thought-provoking nature. 


Sales / Marketing:

  • Book-signings, speaking engagements
  • Media interviews, special events.
  • Conferences, book clubs
  • Catalogues, advertising, media releases, and more.







 Louise Evans


Using Hypnotherapy, Spiritualism and Conventional Treatments to Help You Feel Stronger

“Cancer taught me to slow down and appreciate what I have. It made it very clear life is a gift and should not be taken for granted. Nearly dying prompted me to fully live.  I hope that on reading my book you will explore hypnotherapy and the other treatments that helped me and may help you as well to become mentally and physically stronger and  capable of truly enjoying life. You’ll also read the inspiring stories of my fellow cancer patients and perhaps find solace and comfort as they did in embracing unconventional treatments that offer  benefits. It’s time to reprioritize our lives, focus on what is truly important to   us and enjoy life to the fullest.  We are survivors.”  - Louise Evans



ISBN 978-1-988058-43-6   Publisher: Manor House

Non-fiction: Autobiography, self-help

Author: Louise Evans  Format: Trade paperback

List: $19.95 CDN  Page Count: 144  Trim: 6” by 9”

Audience: General audience / Cancer survivors

Author resides: New Westminster, BC, Canada

Contact: 905-648-2193 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Canada-US-World Distribution: Ingram


"A great read! As a retired hypnotherapist-counselor I found it an easy-to-follow, interesting read... full of helpful suggestions for anyone with cancer…  well presented, insightful, informative" - Emi Kordyback, Hypnotherapist, and former Registered Clinical Counselor  


Louise Evans B.A., M.Ed., C.Ht., R.C.C., has worked as a hypnotherapist/counselor in private practice over 20 years (, with offices in Kitsilano and Metrotown, BC. Louise has Canadian and British dual citizenship and has lived in Canada since 1979. Originally from Scotland she graduated with a BA degree and a Teaching Certificate and on arriving in Canada taught sciences at the secondary level for several years. Louise trained with the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BC Division). She obtained her Masters in Counseling Psychology at UBC and Master Clinical Hypnotherapist at the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy. She has trained with some of the best teachers in the world and continues to attend workshops and lectures. Hypnotherapy also helps her when presenting in front of large audiences. Louise Evans has been cancer-free since 2015 and lives with her husband in Vancouver. She can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sales / Marketing: Author signings events and book tour TBA. Author has large following via blogs and newsletter and often appears on radio-TV-Internet shows and as speaker at workshops, seminars – book is expected to draw media interest and strong sales.