84 Very Short Stories of Wit & Wisdom


Ross Ulysses Munroe


There are the little events in life. And there are the significant events in life. Individually, they all seem to have their place. But what happens when we take them together as one? 


A unified picture begins to emerge, much like an impressionist painting, a mandala, a lenticular image, an autostereogram, yielding up an underlying theme that sews one's experiences into a deeper narrative, rendering a profile of the myths we are living out.  


It is the Rorschach analysis of our souls. And it has no name. 



Title: First Person Singular – A novel

Author: Ross Ulysses Munroe  

Softcover ISBN 9781988058542 List: $14.95 US

Hardcover ISBN: 9781988058559 List: $34.95 US

Fiction: Short Stories Publisher: Manor House

Pages: 144 / 5x8” / Standard trade terms

US/Canada/UK/World: Ingram

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About the Author: 


Ross Ulysses Munroe is an award-winning creative talent, having served as Executive Editor and writer of a number of  periodicals with his wife Virginia, plus a children's book, various screenplays and short stories and more. 


He also produces and directs story-driven jazz videos and has received special recognition at the acclaimed NXNE Film Festival. Ross is known for his humor and incisive perspective on the human condition. 


Ross' latest work is showcased in his book First Person Singular, a collection of short stories, essays and insights certain to provoke and entertain. From the sordid to the sublime, Ross' writing is drawn from his personal experience, in a delightful and unconventional mix of irony and pathos.



  • Wide general audience but with particular interest to fans of odd but intriguing short stories of a thought-provoking nature. 


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