The Art of Creating Social Capital On and Offline


Susan Crossman & Paula Hope


“I have read every author on the topic of referrals to build my expertise. This book is exceptional...I couldn't put it down! It is engaging and you can apply it to your business immediately.” - Victoria Trafton, Referral Expert


“The perfect recipe for personal marketing on steroids! A practical, real-life guide for building a powerful Referral Content Marketing Plan! Paula and Susan have crafted a masterpiece…” - Husam Jandal, Digital Rainmaker


“Paula Hope and Susan Crossman's new book brings together the pieces of a puzzle that eludes most people and it’s the answer you've been seeking.” - James Burchill, Bestselling Author, Coursepreneur™ & Producer   



Title: Your Personal Marketing Playbook
Authors: Susan Crossman & Paula Hope
Softcover ISBN 9781988058474 List: $14.95 US
Hardcover ISBN: 9781988058481 List: $34.95 US
Publisher/Imprint: Manor House

Non-Fiction: Business / Marketing

Pages: 220 / 5x8” / Standard trade terms

US/Canada/UK/World: Ingram  

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About the Authors: 


Susan Crossman is an online marketing consultant, who helps her clients develop, manage, and leverage the web-related content they need to grow their business with clarity and authority. 


She has an extensive background as a professional writer and marketer, and she is tenaciously focused on helping her clients untangle the often overwhelming task of showing up more powerfully online and leveraging the internet’s vast possibilities for revenue generation. She’s also the best-selling author of Content Marketing Made Easy.


Paula Hope is a sought-after referral marketing consultant, coach, speaker and trainer who helps talented business professionals become happily booked solid through referrals. 


Paula has seen first-hand how powerful referrals can be in the corporate world and now, as a consultant focused on assisting professional service providers to exceptional success, she takes great delight in sharing her information with her clients. She is also the author of Stop The Saboteurs.



  • Wide general audience but with particular interest to business leaders interested in expanding their marketing expertise.

Sales / Marketing:
  • Book-signings, speaking engagements
  • Media interviews, special events