Beneath the Asylum


Jordan Grupe

This asylum is full of secrets. Some worse than others...


A security guard in an infamous old mental hospital finds something unusual during his routine patrol of the basement tunnels: The sounds of a small girl crying.


The crying sounds are coming from behind a padlocked door in an abandoned section of the hospital, and he moves in to investigate. Unfortunately for him, this is no ordinary girl. What ensues is a story of mystery, intrigue, and suspense. At times horrifying and hilarious, this is a tale of one man’s journey to discover the truth in an asylum where not everything is as it seems, and not everyone is who they say they are...


Inspired by the author's own intriguing experiences as a security guard at a psychiatric hospital, the novel Beneath the Asylum follows a guard’s journey of horrific discoveries on probing a hidden maze of tunnels beneath a decaying old mansion on the site of a mental hospital. 



Title: Beneath the Asylum / Jordan Grupe
Softcover ISBN 978-1-988058-62-7 / $14.95 US
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-988058-63-4 / $29.95 US
($19.95 CDN softcover / $34.95 CDN hardcover)
Publisher/Imprint: Manor House
Fiction: Novel / Horror
Specs: 234 pages, 5x8” Available for purchase-order Available from Ingram (and other distributors)



“Some of the best horror I’ve read since Stephen King’s “Shining”... will have you checking under your bed. Just in case.”

- Lucas Whorley, r/nosleep author of After Alice


“Hey there folks it's me Mrcreepypasta. The best part of any good horror story for me is the mystery... delivers on that amazingly well. Every chapter adds more and more to the growing tension and results in a terrifying and incredible read.”

- Mrcreepypasta, host of Youtube show with 1.5 million followers


“A terrifying, gripping tale full of unexpected twists and turns from Jordan Grupe, a master story-teller with first-hand experience working at a psychiatric hospital and exploring its known-to-be-haunted decaying old mansion”

- Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man


Jordan Grupe is a Hamilton, Ontario-based author and artist, whose writings are often shared with a vast audience in the hundreds of thousands via the websites (under profile Jgrupe) and YouTube as well as author website: The author and his works are also featured on an array of other websites, including; various books retailers and publisher website,


Beneath the Asylum is his first novel. Although it’s a work of fiction, it draws its inspiration from the author’s own experience as a security guard at a psychiatric hospital with a dilapidated, and reportedly haunted, old mansion on its grounds.