Creating Your Career

Mastering the Changing Nature of Work, Your Key to a More Successful Life!


Denise O'Brien

Creating Your Career is an easy-to-read summary of the best advice you’ll ever receive about work. Since we spend almost 1/3 of our adult life at work, learning how to navigate it more easily and with greater levels of satisfaction is time well-spent. This book is packed with stories and advice that the author has gathered over many years and from thousands of conversations with others, at different stages in their work-life journey. Regardless of where you are in your work-life journey, this insightful book has something to offer you.



Title: Creating Your Career / Denise O’Brien
Softcover ISBN
978-1-988058-58-0 / $19.95 US
Hardcover ISBN
978-1-988058-59-7 / $39.95 US ($24.95 CDN softcover / $44.95 CDN hardcover)
Non-Fiction: Business / Self-Help / Careers
236 pages, 5x8” Available for purchase-order
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Creating Your Career will open your eyes to the opportunities and horizons that lie before you.” - Erin Davis, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, Professional MC, Writer, Broadcaster, Blogger


“... essential reading for professionals in these turbulent times. Dr. O’Brien shows you how to turbocharge your career by asking... the questions that will make the most difference wherever you are in your own world of work.” - Marilee Adams, Ph.D. bestselling author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life


“I loved the book! ...personal stories, real life stats... a realistic and practical view of careers and life... a must-read for everyone, regardless of where they are on their work-life journey.” Carmel Perry, Coach Denise O’Brien, PhD, has completed post graduate studies in Adult Education, M.A. (Ed), and Industrial- Organizational Psychology, PhD. She holds the designation of Qualified Mediator (Q.Med), is an Adler Trained Coach (ACC) and was among the first to attain a Queen’s University Masters Certificate in Organization Effectiveness. With a career that has spanned more than 30 years, O’Brien has investigated, assessed, diagnosed, designed and facilitated workplace interventions generating win-win results.