Mystery of Hedgehog Hill

Adventures in Shroomville


Ron Dennis

The Mystery of Hedgehog Hill, a Children-Young Adults novel, has earned many accolades and is honoured to be chosen by educators as an important featured part of the national Newspapers in Education program. (it was serialized by The Hamilton Spectator, other newspapers, throughout the fall).



Title: Adventures in Shroomville Softcover ISBN 978-1-897453-32-2 $12.95 US/ $14.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-897453-62-9 $34.95 USD/CDN
Publisher/Imprint: Manor House
Fiction: Novel / Children - Young Adults
Specs: 144 pages, PO: US/Canada/World: Ingram / UK: Gazelle (and other distributors)





About the Author/ Mystery of Hedgehog Hill 

Shroomville had been a happy little village, tucked away deep in a vast boreal forest whose bristling green canopy stretched beyond forever… Oh, one little detail makes this village stand out. You see, these villagers are tiny… about as tall as a typical adult’s size-nine shoe. And they live peacefully and happily in mushroom houses. Large, living mushroom houses… For Marshall Shroom, growing up here had been happiness itself - until his 13th year that is! Responding to a telepathic cry for help, Mars sets out on a quest to rescue his father and his best friend Portia from the clutches of the evil Maliset. With emerging new powers and the help of strange new friends, will Marshall succeed in his mission in time?


Ron Dennis was once young himself and has never fully recovered from that experience. Writing remarkably enjoyable books for children and young adults is his own form of therapy. The Hamilton Spectator serialized chapters from the book twice-weekly throughout the fall as one of the major newspapers participating in the highly praised national Newspapers in Education program fostering strong reading habits in young folk – a wonderful, gentle, fun adventure story.