Songline of the Heart

A Navigator’s Guide to Resurrecting
Your Heart, Home and Habitat


Shelley Darling

“Traveling internationally for the past 12 years as a professional Dowsing master and speaker, Shelley synthesizes her knowledge of Emotional Integration, Heart Resonance and Feng Shui with Dowsing, which evokes an energetic “quickening” in the field, uplifting the home, land, and business environment.


Shelley’s dedication to Love as a practical pathway, combined with her understanding of Ancient Wisdom and Conscious Evolution, delivers a dynamic whole-systems model which speaks to Evolutionary Dowsing as a transformational journey whose vision is to restore personal power, prosperity aligned with purpose and planetary peace.


Title: Songline of the Heart / Author: Shelley Darling / 300 pages
Softcover ISBN 978-1-988058-76-4 $24.95 US / $29.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-988058-77-1 $39.95 US / $49.95 CDN
Non-Fiction: Biography / Self Help / Dowsing
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“It takes great courage to step into the unknown and unseen, to follow the pull of dowsing rods that say things are not as they seem. And to follow through to see where forces that defy the known and accepted may lead… Shelley has opened fascinating pathways into that ancient realm of mystery. Now it is open to you to explore too.” - Barry Brailsford, author of Song of the Old Tides


From the Author: Dowsing came into my life serendipitously, seemingly out of left field. As I dowsed my clients’ homes, I found myself in complete awe of how quickly my clients themselves evolved. They became enthusiastic and developed profound confidence and trust in their personal internal guidance systems, often in ways that had previously seemed unimaginable to them.


Through dowsing, I began to experience a more powerful connection with the voice of the land. Each dowsing seemed to support an empowered awareness of the land with a conscious recognition of one's personal power and appropriated guardianship of the land by the Ancestors.


The personal transmissions that occur through each dowsing deliver messages to the individual and their families, awakening and renewing their relationships with each other, while simultaneously restoring and harmonizing the energy of the land. My experience has continued to support these findings, with the strength and conviction of a power and unfolding wisdom…”


- Shelley Darling