No Sleep Tonight

Scary Short Stories


Jordan Grupe


“Despite being a relatively new addition to the horror writing scene, Jordan Grupe has made a name for himself as an excellent storyteller. His ability to build characters and terrify readers is consistently impressive as he continues to produce high quality horror content. I have featured a few of his tales on my YouTube channel “Mr. Creeps” and the response has always been amazing!"

- Mr. Creeps (683,000-subscribers on YouTube)  


“From Jordan Grupe, author of the gripping Beneath the Asylum, comes the appropriately named No Sleep Tonight collection of scary short stories – the latest offering of terror for those yearning for a bout of wild-eyed insomnia.” - Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man



Title: No Sleep Tonight / Jordan Grupe
Softcover ISBN 978-1-988058-68-9 $19.95 US / $24.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-988058-69-6 $39.95 US / $49.95 CDN
Fiction: Short Stories / Horror / 240 pages
Available via Ingram / Gazelle / Others

“Jordan has a knack for making the mundane menacing (I'll never look at garden gnomes the same way again). His stories are immersive, dragging the reader in kicking and screaming, with just enough humor to help wash down the absolute dread you experience when visiting his wicked worlds.”

- Travis Brown (Grand_Theft_Motto on Rededit No Sleep), author, House with One Hundred Doors


About the Author: Jordan Grupe is a Hamilton, Ontario-based author and artist, who has created more than 40 short stories, novelettes, and novellas.


His writings are often shared with a vast audience in the hundreds of thousands via the websites (under profile Jgrupe) and YouTube as well as author website:


The author and his works are also featured on an array of other websites, including and other Amazon sites; the websites of other major books retailers and the publisher’s website:


Beneath the Asylum was his first novel and it drew its inspiration from the author’s own experience as a security guard at a psychiatric hospital with a dilapidated, and reportedly haunted, old mansion on its grounds.


No Sleep Tonight continues the author’s tales of horror with his first collection of truly scary short stories.