Wounded Healer

Surviving Childhood Trauma


Lee Lyttle


“Wounded Healer chronicles author Lee Lyttle's childhood sexual abuse, and how the author learned to come to terms with this experience and go on to help other victims and advance a greater understanding of trauma and actions needed to overcome and prevent childhood trauma.”

- Michael B. Davie, author, Great Advice


"Lee's memoir is a testament to the power of vulnerability and candidness in recovery… giving you a glimpse into the process… will hopefully empower your own healing."

- Dr. Jamie Marich, Founder, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, Author, Trauma and the 12 Steps: An Inclusive Guide to Healing and Recovery


About the Author

Drawing on 24 years of professional and personal experience with addictions and mental illness, Lee Lyttle’s memoir, Wounded Healer traces his healing journey through childhood trauma, addictions, and mental illness. He shares how creativity and imagination, music, and art, can help people cope with trauma of any nature, and supports other male survivors of child sexual abuse, childhood trauma, addictions, or mental illness.


Title: Wounded Healer / Lee Lyttle
Softcover ISBN 9781988058702 $19.95 US / $24.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 9781988058719 $39.95 US / $49.95 CDN
Non-Fiction: Biography / Dealing with child abuse
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In Wounded Healer, Lee shares his raw personal story and truths he’s learned about healing from traumatic experiences… how his insights into creativity and the power of the imagination enabled him to take difficult experiences and lean into them, a process, which set him on a path of continually seeking and reaching new edges in life. Lee believes tremendous healing occurs when we share our stories honestly with others who have experienced similar difficulties, and that expressing our true identity is the greatest medicine we can ever find.


Working as a therapist for people with traumatic brain injury, Lee’s insights and training into psychology and behaviour—amplified by his artistic endeavours—have given him the ability to explore trauma healing from varied perspectives: experientially and academically…Combining insights from western mainstream psychology and Traditional First Nations wisdom and practice through the concept of “Two-Eyed seeing” allow Lee to bring clients to a place of wholeness and wellness.


Lee has a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Behavioural Sciences from McMaster University and he is a registered member of the Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Workers. He is currently a mental health worker who has previously served families on the reserve in Attawapiskat First Nation, Ontario Canada.