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Welcome to our 23nd Anniversary / 2022

All titles are available for immediate order and include many great fiction and non-fiction new and recent releases, all at low prices and good discounts. Featured titles include:

Wounded Healer – Surviving Childhood Trauma by Lee Lyttle: Recounts the Author’s efforts to cope with his own abuse and his journey to become an accredited professional healer of others who’ve experienced trauma.

No Sleep Tonight … “From Jordan Grupe, author of the gripping and terrifying novel Beneath the Asylum, comes the appropriately named No Sleep Tonight collection of scary short stories – the latest offering of terror for those yearning for a bout of wild-eyed insomnia.” - Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man

 Past, Present, Future – Stories that Haunt – the breakthrough 19th book by renowned award-winning author Dr. Ian Prattis offers a collection of compelling short stories. As he states: “I wrote PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE because I had to… I had a sense of reciprocity about what I feel is necessary to heal the world from climate emergency and pandemic.”


First Person Singular Vol. 3 – by Ross Ulysses Munroe – more thought-provoking and intriguing short stories.

Songline of the Heart A Navigator’s Guide to Resurrecting Your Heart, Home and Habitat – by Shelley Darling, a professional Dowsing Master and speaker who synthesizes her knowledge of Emotional Integration, Heart Resonance and Feng Shui with Dowsing… a dynamic whole-systems model which speaks to Evolutionary Dowsing as a transformational journey whose vision is to restore personal power, prosperity aligned with purpose and planetary peace.

The Open Gate– by R. J. Keeler – “takes you through the open gates into a chaotic but splendid garden that leads into private and public spaces, outdoors, indoors and in your mind. Along the way, he captures the hidden magic of everyday life, the joys of small moments, the mysteries of life and death – a captivating journey filled with touches of humor and introspection – an absolutely terrific book.” - Michael B. Davie, author, Poetry for the Insane: The Full Mental

We also have Briar Rose And other Fairy Tales Darkly Revisited by Alyxandra Harvey the bestselling author of Haunting Violet, Stolen Away and hugely popular The Drake Chronicles vampire novels.

Plus, Connect with the Divine You – the compelling and inspiring story of author Tanya Penny, who overcame major illness by healing herself from within and now tours internationally sharing her expertise

Also, Mid-Rift – breakthrough novel by psychotherapist-author Rebecca Rosenblat, weaves insightful commentary on insecurities in a funny, endearing storyline. Sex in the City fans will love this book – and much more to choose from…


Retailers and libraries around the world can order from Ingram or Gazelle or another distributor of their choice or Manor House via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Nearly all of our featured titles are available in both softcover and also hardcover formats in librarian-friendly case laminate (cover image is imprinted onto the hardboard itself – no dust jackets to fiddle with and tape in plastic etc. – our hardcovers are good to go. No fuss, no muss).

Members of the public perusing our catalogue are invited to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange purchases at 20% off list prices (larger discounts for retailers and libraries). You can also find our titles at retailers and online sellers, such as Amazon- and here are some new releases below with quick-click buttons that will take you directly to their Amazon pages for more details and fast ordering: