Dragonfly Slayer

A Novel


Jana Begovic


Captivating story of several medical professionals, discovering they are interconnected through the bonds formed in a past life. One bond between two psychiatrists is of a romantic nature and spans several incarnations - and further extends into a future reincarnation…


“A story of “uncovering,” Dragonfly Slayer’s characters’ past and present synchronicities are mindfully crafted layer by layer before revealing a surprising conclusion. In her distinctive passionate, vivid prose, Ms. Begovic skillfully blends the intellectual and emotional infused with a magical realism that both intrigues and excites the imagination—a rich, mythic journey well taken.”

- CK Page, author, Fabulistica


Title: Dragonfly Slayer - A Novel / Jana Begovic
Softcover ISBN 9781988058900 $22.95 US / $29.95 CDN
Hardcover ISBN 9781988058917 $44.95 US / $55.95 CDN
Non-Fiction: Novel / Reincarnation / Romance
Specs: 324 pages, 5.5x8.5" Available now to order
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Praise for Dragonfly Slayer:


“A chance meeting of scientist Weylin McLaughlin, and homeopathic shaman Keith Wilson becomes a catalyst for self-discovery while exploring the revelatory effects of a psychedelic drug. A former lover, Leandra, and a cancer patient, Annette, team up with them and travel across Ireland on a path… to past life regression, the permanence of love, and an ancient curse kept secret from the visible world. Begovic’s literary prose is poetic, accessible… the perfect genre-bending marriage of myth and medicine. Will the painful truths these characters discover restore health and rekindle a romance as immortal as Celtic lullabies sung on the green hills of an emerald paradise?” - Mark Antony Rossi, writer-host, Strength to Be Human podcast


“Weylin and others discover they share past incarnations after taking the psychedelic drug Jacacia. This drug provides pastlife regression therapy and a source of self-knowledge. The fire and enchantment of erotic sex between Weylin and Leandra contrast her attempts to remain faithful to her husband. The interlaced past lives also reveal a long-standing curse, which requires the help of a shaman to lift the spell. The rugged encounters are well written by the author. Jana Begovic skillfully creates a dark love story that burns through time. Excellent writing for a difficult prospect.” - Dr. Ian Prattis, author, Four Phases; New Planet, New World; Shattered Earth; Failsafe and many more