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Welcome to our 24th Anniversary / 2023

All titles are available for immediate order and include many great fiction and non-fiction new and recent releases, all at low prices and good discounts. Featured titles include:

Mastering Mindful Leadership – 105 Ways to Become the Leader Your Employees Need You to Be – by Johnny Russo – “Russo shares his considerable expertise in this breakthrough book... 105 clear, short, easy-to-follow nuggets of wisdom that are pure gold... catapult toward greater degrees of sustainable prosperity.” - Michael B. Davie, author, Winning Ways, and, Great Advice! Your 7 Keys to a Better Life

Awaken Your Sensual Goddess by Dr. Rebecca Rosenblat is geared towards awakening your inner goddess, so you can embrace your authentic self, feel empowered, fulfil your needs and desires, and connect with the sensuality that’s in your design… love and accept yourself just as you are, and get rid of the mental static that holds you back.

Nora’s Curse the debut novel by Marcus Starr is” A certain Bestseller filled with horror, violence, humor, sex, drugs and rock n' roll." - I. Murderman, author, Creep

Four Phases – critically acclaimed 20th book by renowned award-winning author Dr. Ian Prattis offers a collection of compelling essays and short stories on Climate Change, political upheaval and more – many rave reviews - a must-read!

Fumbling Toward Freedom – Initiations on the Path of Awakening – by Rajyo Allen, who shares her life story to help others achieve a deeper level of soulfulness and spiritual maturity to live a more embodied, heart-centered, authentic life.

Love Letters to Water – an Anthology edited by Claudiu Murgan – ““Water scarcity is a known issue for billions of people around the world and the latest research predicts this crisis will only get worse... Letters to Water, anthology strives to bring forward various points of view and enhance the importance of how we behave vis-à-vis water …

A Forest Without Trees by JP Solanki-Davie – “… takes you deep inside a disturbing reality pitting a small group of rebels against powerful sinister forces that take over the minds of others, intercepting thoughts and planting false memories as they exert terrifying, destructive control.... science fiction-fantasy writing at its finest – a compelling must-read!” - Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man

Escape from the Asylum – by Jordan Grupe, his much anticipated sequel to the gripping, terrifying novel Beneath the Asylum. Grupe is also author of No Sleep Tonight collection of scary short stories, and has an audience in the millions via websites YouTube and

Dragonfly Slayer by Jana Begovich - Captivating story of several medical professionals, discovering they are interconnected through the bonds formed in a past life. One bond between two psychiatrists is of a romantic nature and spans several incarnations - and further extends into a future reincarnation…

Wounded Healer – Surviving Childhood Trauma by expert-author Lee Lyttle: Recounts the Author’s efforts to cope with his own abuse and his journey to become an accredited professional healer of others who’ve experienced trauma.

The Unforgiving Tides - by Ross Pennie – relates Dr. Pennie’s true adventures as a medical volunteer on a remote South Pacific island. At age 25, fresh out of medical school, Pennie arrives in Papua New Guinea to find tribal magic, jungles, muddy terrain and the ire of Sister Pirmina. Soon the good Dokta is facing crisis after crisis.

Boomerville – Musings on a Generation that Refuses to Go Quietly by Rosa Harris – “… one of the few boomers who is fully aware of just how annoying and self-absorbed her generation really is … sensitive and smile inducing. I think you’ll enjoy this book.” (from the Foreword by Douglas Coupland, author, Generation X, and other global bestsellers)


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