Sacred Ceremony

and Desert Legacy



Dr. Ian Prattis


Title: Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy
Author: Dr. Ian Prattis
Softcover ISBN 9781998938001 / $15.87 US

Hardcover ISBN 9781998938018 / $34.95 US
($19.95 CDN softcover / $39.95 CDN hardcover)
Fiction: Short Stories / Poetry / Environment issues
Specs: 140 pages, 5.5x8.5" Available now to order
Available from Ingram and Gazelle (and others)

Ian PrattisSacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy is another riveting medley of poetry and prose, autobiographical essays and a memoir of his mystical journey as a shaman and a Zen teacher. His gentle but powerful activism to save the Earth is the sacred glue fusing together all of the genres featured in this book. Prattis uses the power of the word to remind us to open our hearts and our senses to the natural world…”

- Jana Begovic, author, Dragonfly Slayer


"Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy” describes our world in words full of pragmatic hope. Ian's optimism that humanity can become symbiotic with Nature is contagious… wisdom of experiences and wisdom of the spirits to be mindful that not all the stakeholders of our fragile planet are human beings.”

- Suha Mardelli, Ottawa Independent Writers, Board Director


“Legacy” is the word I would use to comprise the essence of Dr. Prattis’ latest book – Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy. He offers wisdom, experiences, assertiveness and activism of the highest quality…”

- Claudiu Murgan, author-editor, Love Letters to Water


“In Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy, Ian eloquently shows us that within each interaction and life experience, we can appreciate divinity and wonder, if we choose to be mindful and realize the interconnected of ALL that is…”

- Dawn James, author, Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One