Monsters in the Moonlight

Creepy Short Stories 


Marcus Starr


Title: Monsters in the Moonlight
Author: Marcus Starr
Softcover ISBN
9781998938087 / $19.95 US
Hardcover ISBN 9781998938094 / $39.95 US ($24.95 CDN softcover / $49.95 CDN hardcover)

Fiction: Creepy short stories / Horror / Supernatural
Specs: 206 pages, 5.5x8.5" Available now to order
Available from Ingram and Gazelle (and others)








Monsters in the Moonlight is a remarkable collection of short horror stories by award-winning author Marcus Starr, whose prior novel, Nora’s Curse, firmly established him as a genre leader and helped him find a vast and ever-growing legion of readers, who love the author’s ability to build fear and suspense via twisted plotlines with touches of macabre humor. The critically acclaimed writer’s stories have also been widely praised online and featured on Reddit. He is a two-time winner - 2022 and 2023 - of the Odd & Cryptic Cup.


"A horror writer’s horror writer… Marcus Starr has a wonderful knack for telling twisted stories. His style is uniquely his own, adding punches of humor that hit you right where it hurts…"

- Jordan Grupe, author, novels, and short stories books: From the Darkness, and No Sleep Tonight


"From the critically acclaimed, award-winning author of Nora’s Curse comes Monsters in the Moonlight, an outstanding collection of superb horror stories – a truly gripping must-read…"

- Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man


About the Author


Marcus Starr is the critically acclaimed author of Nora's Curse, his breakthrough horror novel - and now, Monsters in the Moonlight collection of short stories.


The author is also a musician/songwriter and private music instructor, having performed in an assortment of bands/artists and solo projects, with numerous recordings and albums. His music spans blues rock, funk rock, jam rock, country blues, fingerstyle blues and more.


Marcus Starr is currently residing in the GTA, and is set to embark on his sophomore novel: House of the Hungry Ghosts. For more details concerning Marcus Starr, please visit: