Lessons From Lucy


Elizabeth Huxtable


Title: Lessons from Lucy
Author: Elizabeth Huxtable
Softcover ISBN 9781988058986 / $24.95 US

Hardcover ISBN 9781988058993 / $49.95 US
($29.95 CDN softcover / $59.95 CDN hardcover)

Fiction: Biographies / Memoires
Specs: 185 pages, 5.5x8.5" Available now to order
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 An inspiring story of hope, strength and courage. After doctors said there was no hope for her newborn daughter, this mother refused to give up. Despite her daughter’s severe disabilities, Lucy went on to touch many lives with her presence and became her mother’s greatest teacher. Follow Elizabeth Huxtable’s journey to create the best life for her daughter. In so doing, she discovers in herself latent talents, fortitude, resilience and ultimately, the greatest gift of all, the true meaning of unconditional love. Armed with these new skills, Elizabeth Huxtable has forged an international career as a sound therapist and healer....


"Lessons from Lucy is a very special true story about an expectant mother readjusting to the shock of giving birth to a “special needs” child, Lucy, who is completely dependent on her. Elizabeth Huxtable breathes life into the agony of expectations dashed and how she transforms them into her own powerful spiritual journey…to find ways to help her child she transforms herself… an emotionally painful yet uplifting story.”

- Virginia Kennedy, Filmmaker


"What this little girl was and is in spirit is absolutely amazing and needs to be shared with the world. That Lucy was non-verbal and still had such an impact on others is important. Elizabeth’s story demonstrates how the unconscious can become conscious through what she experienced parenting Lucy.”

- Aaron Schultz, author, A Wink from a Guru; Founder, The Outback Mind Foundation