Fay Beck-Ryall

As a child, freelance writer and photographer Fay Beck-Ryall learned to love nature through the early teachings of her grandfather. These teachings led to a life-long interest in backpack hiking. She has been writing about hiking Ontario's trials since 1999.
Fay's deep appreciation of the beauty and wonderment of the natural world all around us is killfully reflected in her writing and photography.

Fay has been a successful freelance writer since 1999, working as a newpaper columnist, interviewer / reporter, and writer for magazines such as Airborne, Canadian Gardening and Inflight.
The versatile writer is equally at home with fiction, non-fiction and documentaries, and has a natural eye for the spectacular outdoor photography.
Fay resides in Waterdown, Ontario, where she enjoys the outdoors and continues to expand her success as a writer and photographer. She is also a professional member of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada.