Paula Hope helps business professionals create the revenue they deserve. She speaks, writes, trains and coaches business professionals to conquer their Saboteurs by growing their networking, referral-building and sales process skills. She is a leading expert on referral marketing and strategic networking, owning her own business, aptly named "Booked Solid."

With her 30-plus-year sales and marketing career, Paula developed her sales wisdom and compassion for those on the front lines of new business development. With Stop The Saboteurs, her first book, Paula applies decades of expert experience to offer solutions towards conquering the self-destructive fears and self-limitations that can impede success. This breakthrough book provides invaluable advice previously only available to her many clients, for whom she has worked wonders in helping them overcome negative thoughts to turn failure into triumph.

Paula and her partner, David, live in The Blue Mountains on Georgian Bay. Together, they have four talented and beautiful daughters, four special grandsons and four wonderful dogs. When not petting their dogs, Vivid and Paris, Paula loves to travel, read and play tennis.