Irvin Waller

Irvin Waller is a stimulating public speaker who is invited across the world to explain the truth about preventing violence and protecting victims. Described recently as the man from next door whose passion to stop violence can stir audiences any where.

The US National Organization for Victim Assistance gave him their policy award in 1985 for his leadership in getting the UN to recognize victims of crime and agree principles of justice for their care and protection everywhere. This praised his contribution to one of the USA´s most significant social rights movements--the victim's rights movement. The US National Center for Justice and Alternatives appointed him a commissioner in 1994 in the first national commission since 1968 to provide an independent assessment of the American criminal justice system.

Mandela´s Minister of Public Safety included him in 1996 in a special task force to provide the vision to reduce violent crime in South Africa. He has advised attorneys general and political leaders in more than 40 countries on ways to prevent rather than react to violence. He was the founding executive director of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime affiliated with the United Nations. His achievements for crime prevention across the world have been recognised by Belgium, Canada, England, France and The Netherlands.

He was born in England, where he got his Ph.D. from Cambridge University. He has taught crime policy in the USA, France and Canada. He served as a senior official in the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada in the 1970´s to support the abolition of the death penalty and improve gun control, dangerous offender legislation and prevention of violence against women. He has published extensively in English, French and Spanish all of which he speaks fluently.

Today, Irvin lives with his wife Susan in Ottawa, Canada just an hour by air from Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, DC, New York City, Philadelphia, and Toronto. He has four children and six grand children. He is the founding director of the Institute for the Prevention of Crime at the University of Ottawa and vice-president of the International Organization for Victim Assistance based in Portland Oregon.

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