Absolutely YOU!

Absolutely YOU!  /  Anita Sechesky

Anita Sechesky, international best-selling author, Certified Life Coach, Registered Nurse and sought-after consultant, wants to help you become Absolutely YOU! Anita will guide you to overcome the self-imposed limitations that have held you back in life.

Absolutely YOU! is the book need to maximize your self esteem. As you read each chapter, you'll find the confidence and motivation you desire within yourself to reach your fullest potential. Anita shares solutions she's successfully applied in her own life and the lives of her clients.

Anita will help you to understand why it's important to shift your mind-set in order to achieve the goals you have in life - just follow her advice and see how truly empowering it can be!



"What I love about this book is that Anita acknowledges all the demeaning comments we all tell ourselves... but then gives us definitive examples of how we can change these thoughts in our minds. The affirmations Anita gives you are ones you should repeat daily... Anita wants you to follow your dreams and shows you the steps to get there!"
- Randi Goodman - CEO Toronto Women's Expo


"A must-read for anyone desiring a more satisfying, successful life... Why not become all that you can be?"
- Michael B Davie, author, Winning Ways