Susan Crossman, marketing expert and author of several critically acclaimed books, offers clear, easy-to-follow advice to make anyone – even a complete novice – a content-marketing pro in no time... great tips and techniques to give you the edge you need.”
Michael Davie, author, Winning Ways

We are moving towards a world where a huge percentage of business is done online and if you are not playing in that field, eventually you aren’t going to have a business... the revolution has only just begun... the only constant in our world is change itself... Pretending these changes aren’t happening won’t make them go away. I believe that developing and polishing our online content is the key to the kingdom... it is a process that can be taught, learned and duplicated. Once you have a program up and running, it’s a straightforward way to generate more business... Online marketing can be intimidating, no doubt about it, and I spend my days simplifying it for business people so they can generate more revenue as a result of their online activities. We focus on a subset of online marketing that currently flies under the label of “content marketing.” By the end of this book I aim to help you figure out what that is, why it’s important and how it works, and hopefully I’ll be able to crack open a door to the future for you and your business that is filled with possibility.
Susan Crossman, author, Content Marketing Made Easy – Why You Need It / How To Do It; The Write Way; Shades of Teale; and, Passages to Epiphany.