Briar Rose

Briar Rose / Alyxandra Harvey

Do you really think you know the classic fairy tales of yore? You’re about to encounter some unexpectedly dark and intriguing passages revealed by Alyxandra Harvey, bestselling author of Haunting Violet and Stolen Away and the immensely popular series of vampire novels, The Drake Chronicles.

The Black Box

The Black Box / Cliff Jackman

Cliff Jackman draws readers deep inside The Black Box, into an intriguing mystery in which a Toronto teenager deemed to have committed suicide is instead a possible homicide victim whose love for comic books and a Russian prostitute lead into a murky world of forgery, deception and murder.

The Lost Chord

The Lost Chord / Ian Thomas

The Lost Chord is the eagerly awaited second novel by multitalented singer-songwriter-author Ian Thomas. With a writing style and storyline that have crossed even further into the realm of the otherworldly, The Lost Chord is certain to captivate the reading public with a compelling story of murder and madness, ancient secrets and modern day intrigue.


Bequest / Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas, the creative force behind so many classic hit songs, has turned to novel writing - and what a novel: Bequest is the gripping tale of a Candian-American university professor coping with the loss while beset with visions of dire things past and future; visions of death, environmental havock... and dark secrets hidden in the American countryside.



Scripture / Michael Bradley

 Michael Bradley's back! Civic upheaval and riots rocking the French countryside, gunmen with silencers, a bag lady Druid, a mysterious parchment, a damsel in danger, kidnappings, murders, high-tech weaponry, political intrigue and dark visions of death and destruction…
Welcome to Scripture, the second enthralling novel chronicling the Holy Grail exploits of Canadian-American adventurer Marc Rennsalaer.

Shades of Teale

Shades of Teale / Susan Crossman

A lot of people get pushed around and take it – it’s safer than confrontation. But Teale was finding too much was being taken away from her – her once seemingly secure life was a sham – and it  was all beginning to cost her dearly… something had to be done – but the answers were hidden in a veil of subservience… She began searching, in hidden places, for someone she’d lost, a long time ago…

The Curse of Garnel Ironheart

The Curse of Garnel Ironheart  / Michael Schweitzer

The first unforgettable part of Michael J. Schweitzer's Unending War series! Steeped in the lore of ancient legends, the Curse of Garnel Ironheart is indeed a curse borne of an historic error in judgment.

The Magdalene Mandala

The Magdalene Mandala / Michael Bradley

The fictional drought has ended with The Magdalene Mandala. This Collector's First Edition Marc Rennsalaer Debut Adventure novel draws on Bradley's knowledge as a Grail expert to lend authenticity and reality to a plot that twists and turns at a rapid pace, bringing together everything from murder and intrigue, to survivalist weaponry technology, political cover-ups, Jesus, Mary Magdalene... and the Holy Grail!


We, The Living

We, The Living / Michael Schweitzer

The thrilling conclusion of Michael J. Schweitzer's Unending Earth series. Within weeks, an Empire which has ruled the world for over a thousand years is swept away and the Undead, rising unexpectedly from the ashes of the Invasion of the Vozhan Bur, exert their rule over the continent of Paskanah.

The Divorce of Buddy Figaro

The Divorce of Buddy Figaro / David Silverberg

The memorable first novel of David Silverberg. As if a pending divorce, emotional turmoil and life changes were not enough to deal with; Buddy Figaro is visited by an alien the size of a housefly.

The Ashes of Alladag

The Ashes of Alladag / Michael Schweitzer

Michael J. Schweitzer's The Ashes of Alladag follows The Curse of Garnel Ironheart, reuniting key characters and pitting them against fearsome enemies on a new quest with more twists and turns than the last.

Necessary Larceny

Necessary Larceny / Ian Stout

Stand-out debut book of Ian Stout. Conned out of millions of dollars by slick fraud artists, the senior citizen victims are left impoverished and are too embarrassed to report the crime for fear younger relatives will deem them incompetent and remove what little control they still have over their lives.
Then, a hero emerges with a plan, a sting operation is launched to recover the stolen funds and the Necessary Larceny adventure begins.