If you wish to transform your life and your relationships, the path lies within these pages.
- Dini Petty, Television/radio talk show host

Victoria Lorient-Faibish would like to help create healthy relationships now! Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture is about changing what isn’t working to create a new, unique, personalized, choice-
filled relationship-culture that you consciously bring into your adult relationships.


 “Rewiring your relationship-culture involves understanding that your brain forms new neural pathways every time you develop a new way of doing something, especially if you practice the new behavior often. It’s nature’s way of supporting us when we try to make positive changes. By rewiring your relationship-culture, you’ll be able to: move past multi-generational dysfunction; know and honour yourself fully; understand rules for dating in a healthy, empowering way; spot relationship dysfunction such as co-dependency, commitment phobia and narcissism; set good boundaries; utilize my pre-marital checklist; and learn the fundamentals for long-term, passionate relationships!
- Victoria Lorient-Faibish