Yours, Mine & Ours

Yours, Mine & Ours / George Glass and Donna Glass

By George Glass and Donna Glass. This book is the result of our efforts to understand, chronicle and then explain the experiences we had in putting together a family that began as diverse people from different backgrounds...Divorce does not bring out the best in people, and the effect on the children is long-lasting. There is no reason though why you and they can not become involved in a process to help repair some of that damage. Developing a working blended family is one way to help that process happen. This book is neither a cookbook nor a do-it-yourself manual of step-by-step instructions on what should or should not be done. Hopefully though, you will get some new ideas, realise the consequences of different behaviours that you may have tried, and know that many other people have made even worse mistakes, but been able to work things out.