Poor Little Bitch Girl

Poor Little Bitch Girl / CJ Sleez

CJ Sleez: Poor Little Bitch Girl is raw, unappologetic, recounting of pain, loss and hard times. Don't look for any sugar-coating or smoothing over of difficult moments. CJ's memoirs are as hard and rough as they come..


The Write Way

The Write Way / Susan Crossman

Solid, expert advice from a professional writer and author of several critically acclaimed books. From tips on overcoming writer’s block and engaging your audience to focusing on specific markets, Susan Crossman delivers insightful commentary that will help anyone become a more efficient, effective and successful writer. Of tremendous benefit to business writers – and to anyone crafting works of fiction and non-fiction – a must-read!

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction  /  Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh

 “The Law of Attraction: Making it Work for You! is a wise and informative coach… help you to attract what you desire into your life and guide you to true prosperity.” From Foreword by Dr. Bernie Siegel

“This is the book you've been waiting for… clearly explains how to tap into the powerful benefits of the Law of Attraction and reap its awesome rewards.” - From Introduction by Scott Shaw, author, The Zen of Everything

Carolyn & Cancer

Carolyn & Cancer / Carolyn Schreuer

The late Carolyn Schreuer, devoted wife, mother, and teacher, was in her mid-40s when diagnosed with breast cancer. Before succumbing, she'd spend several years putting her valuable advice into Carolyn & Cancer: Some Days I Don't Feel Like Slaying Dragons, an insightful must-read for anyone facing serious, even terminal, illness.
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Absolutely YOU!

Absolutely YOU!  /  Anita Sechesky

Anita Sechesky, international best-selling author, Certified Life Coach, Registered Nurse and sought-after consultant, wants to help you become Absolutely YOU! Anita will guide you to overcome the self-imposed limitations that have held you back in life.


Spoonfed / Gord Deppe

From a childhood spent moving back and forth between two worlds - Canada and Germany - Deppe became an early outsider-observer, a persona that first crystalized on entering the Canadian school system unable to speak a word of English.

Sexual Power

Sexual Power / Rebecca Rosenblat

Rebecca Rosenblat, psychotherapist, relationship-sexuality therapist, bestselling author and TV host, asks: Are you in charge of your life and living out your dreams; or are you giving into others' rules and expectations?