Poetry For The Insane: The Full Mental

Poetry For The Insane: The Full Mental / Michael B. Davie

A second-helping of poetry from Michael B. Davie. This book is for the insane. It's also for those who at some point in life had a fleeting moment of self doubt: the virtually insane.

Flying High

Flying High / Greg McMillan

With this book Greg McMillan brings his journalistic skills, writing talents and fascination with Hamilton Airport to bear. A master storyteller, McMillan relates the airport's history, present and future while profiling many of the businesses benefiting directly or indirectly from this catalyst for growth and economic development.


Creep / I. Murdeman

It's no accident you've picked up this book It's fate. You were meant to read it. This book is about me and YOU and the nasty way you treated me years ago...

Enterprise 2000

Enterprise 2000 / Michael B. Davie

Enterprise 2000 explores the Golden Horseshoe region on the cusp of the new millennium. Author Michael B. Davie takes an intimate look at an economic region taking in Halton and Niagara, with Hamilton as it's hub.

Down For The Count

Down For The Count / G.W. Down

G.W. Down leads a dangerous double life - business executive by day and at other times, a strider on the edges of the after-hours, striking with metaphors at the essence of existence - his true identity known to only to a select circle: the readers of his words and verses.

The StreetSmart Marketer

The StreetSmart Marketer - Michael Hepworth

A majority of small businesses fail, most within a few years of start-up, some after a generational change in management. Nearly two-thirds of such firms are owned or managed by women.
So, the odds are clearly stacked against Lindsay Roberts, the fictional heroine of Michael Hepworth’s engaging The StreetSmart Marketer: Book One: 11 Low-Cost Keys that Unlock the Secrets to Rapid Growth in Your Business.
Hepworth, a leading expert on effective marketing techniques, for owner-operated businesses, skillfully combines an intriguing fictional story with terrific low-cost marketing advice that really works.
This is a must-read for any business owner desiring fast growth and robust revenue. It takes marketing to a higher level.

Poetry For The Insane

Poetry For The Insane / Michael Davie

From the mind of Michael B. Davie, pseudo therapeutic poems, intended, however unrealistically, to solve all your problems. For what you are about to read, may the Lord make you truly thankful.


Leaders - Leanne Bucaro

Leaders is an innovative and informative business book that’s certain to educate and as it entertains with captivating bios of outstanding business leaders.
Author Leanne Bucaro adds another dimension to what might otherwise have been a standard collection of biographies on successful entrepreneurs. Her book is much, much more than that.
Leaders goes beyond business profiles to focus on those business leaders that can play key roles in helping other companies succeed – perhaps your own company.

Wise Words

Wise Words / Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh

"Wise Words is an eclectic, unique, and inspiring mix of quotes ranging from highly spiritual to everyday practical.  Wise Words gives hope and
offers hints at ways to change America and the world."
- Thom Hartmann, Progressive American Radio Host, author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Winning Ways 2

Winning Ways 2 / Michael B. Davie

Ever wonder why some people achieve impressive success while others reach for the brass ring only to let it slip from their grasp? Join author Michael B. Davie as he examines success strategies employed by some truly innovative leaders in their fields.


NEXUS / Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh

NEXUS is one of the most unusual novels ever written - and one of the most spiritually fulfilling and enjoyable.
Written by Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh almost entirely in the present tense, and incorporating spiritual teachings and Mystical Poetry selections, NEXUS follows the soul-searching journey of an odd mix of people thrown together at a spiritual retreat designed to help them cope with personal pain and find the center of their being, the Nexus.

Winning Ways

Winning Ways / Michael B. Davie

Ever wonder why some people achieve impressive success while others reach for the brass ring only to let it slip from their grasp? Join author Michael B. Davie as he examines success strategies employed by some truly innovative leaders in their fields.

Mystical Poetry

Mystical Poetry / Deborah Morrison

Mystical experience encompasses a consciousness that eternally goes beyond, from one Truth to the next.

Furthermore, mysticism can be understood in relation to non-violence, as embracing the concept of joy, and in terms of its practical application in face of social tension.

Success Stories

Success Stories / Michael B. Davie

The reading public has been fascinated with the different approaches companies and individuals take to succeed in business. Learn what Michael B. Davie uncovered talking to some of the most successful business people in the Greater Hamilton area.

Susan Crossman, marketing expert and author of several critically acclaimed books, offers clear, easy-to-follow advice to make anyone – even a complete novice – a content-marketing pro in no time... great tips and techniques to give you the edge you need.”
Michael Davie, author, Winning Ways

Grab Success by the Horns

Grab Success by the Horns /  Barbara and Barry Siskind

“Barbara and Barry Siskind tell you exactly what you must know to succeed in your life.  People either eat life or life eats them.  This book tells you just how to obtain and enjoy your meal.”

- Jay Conrad Levinson, author, the Guerrilla Marketing series of books

“My parents brought me up to believe we could all change the world.”

- Sir Richard Branson, CEO, Virgin companies, as quoted in Grab Success by the Horns

Stop the Saboteurs

Stop the Saboteurs  /  Paula Hope

“Paula Hope’s breakthrough book helps readers identify and overcome self-defeating negative thoughts - the Saboteurs - that all too often invade our minds, undermine our ability to create the revenue that we deserve and damage the brand we’re trying to build...

Psychic Sight

Psychic Sight / Laura Laforce

Author Laura Laforce:  “At four years old, I could astral travel through the walls at night… Around eight years old, I could see both good and bad future events, including the death of my best friend… my childhood and teenage years were full of turmoil and challenges. I never understood what I was dealing with until much later.

The Servant Warrior Leader

The Servant Warrior Leader / Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson is a highly prized business consultant who routinely helps Fortune 500 corporations add many millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Now, for the first time ever, his advice is available not only to the corporate elite but to business leaders everywhere.

His breakthrough book The Servant Warrior Leader has encapsulated what true leadership is all about: An authentic leader motivates, inspires and empowers others to take leadership responsibility for themselves individually to achieve results that are profoundly rewarding to the individual and the organization.


X-Tending / Laura Laforce

“A new awareness is upon us. People are forced out of their comfort zones. Millions struggle with challenges and diversity… What they believed in yesterday is no longer concrete… The faiths no longer have a stronghold, which previously provided comfort. Society has become negative, disconnected and dysfunctional… Our world is not ending.