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Michael B. Davie




Title: Great Advice! / Author: Michael B. Davie

Softcover ISBN: 978-1-988058-32-0 / $24.95

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-988058-33-7 $39.95

Non-Fiction: Business Self-help-advice

Manor House: 144 pages (Hardcover = case laminate)

World-wide Distribution: Ingram


“You owe it to yourself to check out Great Advice! For the Times of Your Life! a remarkable new book full of helpful advice on a range of topics, including home ownership, financial planning, starting-running a business, and more – a self-help book that’s packed with easy-to-follow expert advice to help you make the right decisions-choices on the important matters in your life. Read this book and become successful!”

- Susan Crossman, author, Passages to Epiphany and Content Marketing Made Easy





"Great advice for every stage in your life, from starting out to starting retirement. The experts quoted in this book also offer tips on home ownership, financial planning, and making the right education choices.


"You'll also find great advice on mending and building relationships - a wealth of information designed to make you happier and more successful in life - I highly recommend Great Advice!"

- Rebecca Rosenblat, psychotherapist, speaker, counselor, and author, Overcoming Betrayal




Marketing-Sales-Audience:Book-signing events, TV, radio, print interviews, and social media promotions and events. With strong opening sales, universal appeal and helpful advice, this book appears headed for best-seller status.



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Have a Booze-free blast with no-regrets Mocktails! 

Zoe Robinette

“This is not a typical self-help book. This is a freaking virtual women’s chat session… This guide will show you how to take part in the dozens of events on your social calendar spiked with libations and entertainment and go home completely sober for a change… learn to mock your way through life with class, and self-confidence. A Mock Star is born!” - Zoe Robinette, author, Party Like A Mockstar!

"Far too many of us are prone to having one drink too many - and then enduring morning-after regrets over our embarrassing behavior - Party Like A Mock Star! puts you back in the driver's seat in a sober fashion thanks to alcohol-free no-regrets 'mocktails'. Tired of having to explain your regrettable behavior after a night partying? This book is for you! Party Like A Mock Star is filled with great advice, terrific Mocktail recipes and lists of prime venues in the US, Canada and Europe offering tasty alcohol-free drinks. The book also shares some of Robinette's adventures with such stars as Cheech and Chong, ZZ Top rocker Billy Gibbons, actors Martin Sheen and Jacqueline Bisset and more."Michael B. Davie, author,



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Mila Mirkin and John Lister want success any way they can get it. For Mila, that means getting to grad school. For John, it means getting his failing hedge fund back on track. Following the mysterious death of  Toronto’s top financial prosecutor, Mila’s brother, Vitaly, is transferred to the role. His first case is against John, Mila’s primary client. As John’s ruthless plan unfolds, Vitaly’s investigation threatens its success  and Mila’s  safety. John pulls Mila ever closer for comfort, leaving her in a terrible quandary: tell her brother what she knows and expose her secret life, or pretend innocence and put the lives of others in mortal danger.

“…medical devices can be hijacked with a few keystrokes…. the sooner the deaths of the insured, the better the financial returns of investors… This alarming reality is why Vince Fernandez wrote Little Sister. His chilling debut novel… puts a new spin on an old question: How far will you go to get what you want? I find few things more riveting than a good story that peels back the professional veneer of financial power brokers and exposes the underbelly of their corruption, greed, sexual predation, and revenge. With Little Sister, Vince succeeds in doing just that.”
 - Norb Vonnegut, author of thrillers Top Producer, Gods of Greenwich Village, Mr. President, and The Trust, contributing columnist, Wall Street Journal online (WSJ.com)
 About the Author
 Vince Fernandez is a financial professional with more than twenty years of experience investing in capital markets. In zen moments, when he is not typing with two fingers, he enjoys sabre fencing, fishing, and carving wooden kayak paddles. Vince currently lives in Toronto with his family. Little Sister is his first novel.





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