Poetry For The Insane: The Full Mental

Poetry For The Insane: The Full Mental / Michael B. Davie

A second-helping of poetry from Michael B. Davie. This book is for the insane. It's also for those who at some point in life had a fleeting moment of self doubt: the virtually insane.


Creep / I. Murdeman

It's no accident you've picked up this book It's fate. You were meant to read it. This book is about me and YOU and the nasty way you treated me years ago...

Wise Words

Wise Words / Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh

"Wise Words is an eclectic, unique, and inspiring mix of quotes ranging from highly spiritual to everyday practical.  Wise Words gives hope and
offers hints at ways to change America and the world."
- Thom Hartmann, Progressive American Radio Host, author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Down For The Count

Down For The Count / G.W. Down

G.W. Down leads a dangerous double life - business executive by day and at other times, a strider on the edges of the after-hours, striking with metaphors at the essence of existence - his true identity known to only to a select circle: the readers of his words and verses.


NEXUS / Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh

NEXUS is one of the most unusual novels ever written - and one of the most spiritually fulfilling and enjoyable.
Written by Deborah Morrison & Arvind Singh almost entirely in the present tense, and incorporating spiritual teachings and Mystical Poetry selections, NEXUS follows the soul-searching journey of an odd mix of people thrown together at a spiritual retreat designed to help them cope with personal pain and find the center of their being, the Nexus.

Poetry For The Insane

Poetry For The Insane / Michael Davie

From the mind of Michael B. Davie, pseudo therapeutic poems, intended, however unrealistically, to solve all your problems. For what you are about to read, may the Lord make you truly thankful.

Mystical Poetry

Mystical Poetry / Deborah Morrison

Mystical experience encompasses a consciousness that eternally goes beyond, from one Truth to the next.

Furthermore, mysticism can be understood in relation to non-violence, as embracing the concept of joy, and in terms of its practical application in face of social tension.